Real likenesses

Just wondering if any of you have had any experience trying to create likenesses of real people in MetaHuman and how it turned out? Or alternatively, if you’ve seen people create any likenesses using the tool.

I ask because a client has requested I make a likeness of a very well known sports personality. However I’m not sure its possible or at least practical given the actual purpose of MetaHuman.

Interested to hear all of your thoughts though

This post summarized the difficulties with the current tool pretty well:

The short version is that the limited hair and eyebrow options coupled with limited degrees of freedom on certain facial features like the nose and eyes currently make this task very difficult. I, myself, have tried to re-create celebrity characters from an existing show and ran into the same limitations. You’ll be able to get 70% of the likeness but the result just won’t resemble the original person enough to be recognizable.


The impression I got from livestreams regarding MetaHuman Creator is that likenesses are seen as potential problems (licensing, privacy, identity theft, etc.), therefore I don’t believe Epic desires to make it any easier to match likeness of a person whether it’s through traditional methods or AI.

In its current state I consider MetaHuman to be very limited in terms of character customizability. Perhaps my expectations were unreasonably high, perhaps things will keep getting better as time goes by.

In any case, at this time MetaHuman is not capable of producing accurate likeness models. Perhaps in the future if we are able to further edit/sculpt the models on an external app like ZBrush, it could work.

This was as close as I could get to Walther :slight_smile:

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