Real Life Télépresence Systems

My name Is Saouli Abdelhak. I’m a Ph.d student. I use to play around with UDK back in the days and i’m actual familiar a bit with UE4. however am not an expert yet and I don’t know all the in and outs of the engine. I want to develop a telepresence system using UE4. the system as an intial protoype has as input multiple real life photographs and silhouettes of an objects and I want UE4 to do volumtric reconstruction and display it in HMD VR. I actual wrote a paper and about something like this and i wont to port it to UE4 please check :
Paper : High performance volumetric modelling from silhouette: GPU-image-based visual hull.

Some videos of my work (C++ and CUDA and Opengl):
Video 1-
Video 2-

Please advise me where to start. Note that I dont wanna dive to UE4 source code and create my own feature and add it to engine. I want to create my system using what the engine offre. also this i guess my first time posting i hope that I’m not posting in wrong section :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hello Saouli,

Very cool stuff! I think this sort of approach is the foundation for “holograms” - Putting on my VR/AR glasses and being in the same room as another person, with missing data filled in via some AI deep learning magic.

To start you should take a look at:

And be aware that there is a point cloud rendering plugin in the works. (No ETA on release)