Reading the current value of the light function?

I want to apply a light function to a point light. But in order to complete the effect I’m looking for, I need a blueprint to be able to read the current value of the applied light function used on the point light. Is this possible?

Current value of what specifically about the light function?

The value supplied to the emmision input of the shader. The alternative is to supply a scalar parameter to the light function material. This issue is I need the material to be in sync with the blueprint.

Doing this in the wrong direction, have the blueprint set a material parameter to drive the light function.

I tried that actually. You can set up a dynamic material with a light function. But it doesn’t do anything. It ignores inputs.

Hmmm, that is unfortunate… What about the nuclear option: Material parameter collection?

Otherwise I think you’re just going to have to come up with a different way to achieve the effect you’re after.

Not sure if anyone said it, but no its not.

You just run the same math based on game time in BP, which always provides the same result as the function. So the 2 results are always the same without having to access the actual light function.

I would run the same function in both the BP and the light function. But it’s based on time and it’s uncertain whether the material time will remain in sync with the BP time. It not clear which clock the material is using or of it’s independent. Working in the editor everything looks great. But what happens in multiplayer when the client is trying to sync clocks with the server?