Reading From A Serial Port or Bluetooth


So i was wondering how i could read data from a serial port(usb) on windows and bluetooth for android and receive strings of data from a device i have built.

My device sends strings of data. Really simple too.

Can someone advise how to do this? I could do it with Unity, but I am now using UDK4. Can it be done with Blueprints alone or would I need to dive into c++

The device sends dat in a very basic format:


so the data is seperated using # end the message end is noted by the &

This is going to be a device to use with my own vr head set. So i will also need to work out exactly how todraw 2 camera views side by side as well. But for now, i need to know if i can receive the data via serial.

Hi Valrik - just wondering if you had any success with either the bluetooth implementation or the serial port ?