Read Creo metadata

Hi everyone,
is possible to read creo metadata with datasmith import?
Thank you very much.

Hello Jobim,
we have some limitations in reading CREO tessellated files, so you would make sure you use parametric models. cf. Creo import

AFAIK metadata should be imported in UE. Which type of metadata are you trying to get? Do you have some data to test?

Flavien. (218.0 KB)

Thank you very much for your reply and sorry forthe delay.
In the attached zip there are a few models with metadata keys as CODICE, DESCRIZIONE, MODELLO.
Can you read these?

Hello Jobim,
The datasmith user data are on the actor that is parent of the static mesh actor not directly on the static mesh actor.
This is what I get in 4.27, notice I am selecting the component of the parent actor and looking for user data:

I have a few more metadata on 4.25 so I am checking with our dev if it is normal.
4.26 has some issue with creo import so the part does not come in. Test with 4.25 or 4.27P1 when it will be out.
Let us know if you have all the metadata you need.


Wow, thank you so much!