Re-import Doesn't Understand New Materials

I have been working on a model and as anyone who works on a model realized some stuff needed to be added. Yeah, some people plan stuff out properly but other times unexpected things are tossed your way. Most of the model remained the same I just added a few minor things. Which I thought was okay it kept the textures I worked on when I reimported but updated others… sorta. Turns out adding new materials does not add materials per se. As in the newly named stuff does not have the bloody name I gave it and some arbitrary material that is already there is assigned to it leading to the most pain in the a.s.s. find Waldo game I have played and I still have yet to find them all. Why is this lawl I am so quirky and random at your detriment a thing and how do you fix it? Because this will happen again in the future I can assure you of that. So what is the fix?

Unreal is is very unreal in its stupidity. There could be a right click select material function on the 3D model itself which would make life a thousand times easier but that is not even an idea apparently. There could be an option to update materials while you click reimport, there could be many redundancies to assure quality, but nope. Why is such a grandiose game engine so elementary in some areas? Some areas are well-polished others look like a Taco Bell toilet after someone decided hey why not have an all you can eat buffet here.

Anyways is there a fix, is there not, what loophole do I have to jump through this bloody time?