Re-basing Animblueprint class causes BP compile crash

The similar issue has been handled in link text

The difference is that I’m having trouble with IKinema plugin and reproducing steps. The steps to reproduce my problem is a little bit more complex.

  1. Make a C++ class that inherits UAnimInstance(Let’s call it A) and compile.

  2. Make an animblueprint as a child of C++ class in 1) (Let’s call it K)

  3. Make an IKinema Rig.

  4. Make another C++ class that inherits UAnimInstance(Let’s call it B). Declare variables of which type is FIKinemaSolverTask, FIKinemaSolverLookAtTask

  5. Change class A’s parent to B(Yeah… there are a lot of reasons to do this…)

  6. Re-compile C++ project and run the editor and open K and place IKinemaSolver using the IKinema Rig and connect task nodes to variables declared in step 4)

  7. Compile and save K.

  8. Try to recompile K without changing anything.

Now, the editor crashes like the issu, UE-29613.

Oh, please help me!!

FYI, I’m gonna ask IKinema guys about this issue too.

FYI, I’ve got a fixed source codes from IKinema. After testing the fixed codes being integrated into my project, I’ll close this question.