RayTracing & The Kite Demo Project

I’m working on converting this project to use raytracing and i’m encountering an issue in relation to the rivers and lakes. I see that the different sections of the map are separate levels entirely… does raytracing not like how this is done for reflections and other effects? it seems like nothing wants to reflect correctly.

Besides that i might as well fill you in on what i’ve done so far to make this work.

i removed all the fog sheets because they screw up raytracing translucency.
i made the lake material and river material not use tessellation because that SEEMS to break reflections but on further inspection i think it might have to do with how everything is constructed.
i modified the post process volumes to enable ray tracing effects.

besides that everything works fine and i was able to compile a binary and -dx12 works on that binary.

EDIT: the issue seems to be landscape proxy

I’d say it’s a bit early to transfer that specific project. At the moment ray tracing in UE4 doesn’t support many features needed to render outdoor environments properly. Like:

  • Landscapes
  • Instanced foliage
  • Correct shadows from masked&translucent materials
  • World position offset
  • Speedtree meshes

What issues do you see with masked materials?

well stuff like this with translucent. masked seem fine, in fact i use masked to work around some issues.

@YuriyODonnell Masked materials are indeed working as expected, sorry my bad!

It kind of works