Raytracing shadows are not animated

I am using speedtree (8.3.0) for my foliage. (UE 4.22)
The wind animation for the trees is done via World Position Offset.
Unfortunately, the raytraced shadow is being rendered beforehand and doesn’t take the World Position Offset into account.
That leads to two problems:

  • the shadow is not animated.
  • the self shadowing is showing really ugly artifacts (see thumbs), when animated.
    I understand, where the errors are coming from and I wonder, if there is a way to render the shadows with Word Position Offset. May be by changing the order of tasks?


It doesn’t support it for that yet, you can see the supported geometry types here: Real-Time Ray Tracing | Unreal Engine Documentation

thx, so I am looking forward to 4.23

WPO for static meshes won’t be supported in 4.23 either. Hopefully in 4.24.

So in 4.25, Ray Traced shadows work for static meshes ( have to check “Evaluate World Position Offset”). But they still do not work for instanced static meshes or foliage :frowning:

Oh no! Not supported. Ive been scratching my head, researching this problem for the last few weeks. Keep me posted if it gets added. Thanks

Same here, really hoping to see this be supported soon.