Raytracing & Scene Color Node

Hi guys I’ll get to the point.
When I implement a SceneColor Node into my translucent shader and turn raytracing for translucency on, the shader simply ignores (?) the SceneColor Node. F.e. I multiply the scene color with a red color & get the desired result in Rasterized. As soon as I change to raytracing the multiplication with the SceneColor has no effect & it looks the same as a shader with no SceneColor.

Is that sth. RayTracing can’t do, because the “DecodeSceneColorForMaterialNode” function is not valid? Is it possible to “simply” recreate the SceneColor Node inside a material? I tried reconstructing it with HLSL (very limited knowledge) but I would at some point run to the problem, that some functions inside Unreals Shader Code Preview where not defined & my compiler could not recognize them unless I plug in the SceneColorNode. that way I was able to get the same result with HLSL but as soon as I switch to raytracing it is gone, hence my conclusion that RayTracing uses other functions or sth. like that.

Because raytracing cannot receive things from screenspace.