Raytracing Reflections dont get the raytraced GI shadows on it!?


I really dont know why the reflection on the window glass dont get the interior shadows in the reflection!! I already activate the cvar r.RayTracing.Reflections.RayTraceSkyLightContribution but the reflection on that window glass dont get the shadows, how i can get this working?

I’ve noticed this too. The RT reflections seem to happen before most of the processing is done on the image. I’d be interested to know if there is an option to fix this.

I already search at it seems no one has a solution for this!! but i don’t know if is an engine bug or some option missing to activate to get all work! will be great someone from epic can clear this issue because to use in interior render give a huge fake feeling :S

The nvidia rtx branch has hybrid translucency which might help. You could try using reflection captures with capture3Ds (the RT enabled features also need toggling on these). That’s a workaround I’m using on groom to get RT Skylight occlusion.

I must check that, thanks for the tip