RayTracing Problems

Hi. I have an raytrace issue. I am a 3D artist who wants to use UE like render engine and I got something but raytraced image is so noisy. **(image:Viewport) **I search youtube videos and people got raytraced image in “Lit” screen and they dont have any noise issue.
I want to ask some questions and thanks for your answers.
-How can i get raytraced image in “Lit” screen.
-How can i noise free image. Which parameter change the noise amount?
-Console is only open in game mode (ALT+P). In working space i cant able to open console. how can i open console in working space.

I got GTX1070Ti. Up to date latests drivers, Windows 10 64bit 1809, UE4 4,22,3

I upload the outliner and postprocess screenshots. Sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand and I want to thank all of you who reads and answers that topic.