Raytracing Performance Questions

Hi, I’m currenctly trying to understand the leaps and hoops I have to go through with raytracing and got some questions:

Is it possible to disable raytracing for different foliage types? When I place a mesh actor I get the option to exclude it from ray tracing, but I don’t see how I could do that for foliage types. It would be nice to have the grass use conventional shadowmaps and the trees cast raytraced shadows.

And then is it possible to disable raytracing completely within a post process volume? I just see that you can disable a bunch of features, but not the shadow casting itself. It would be great if you could define areas which are especially expensive to not use raytracing at all.

As far I can tell this is not direcly possible, but maybe someone knows a way or why it isn’t.

Thanks in advance

I have the same question. None of the “Rendering” options that we see on mesh actors are appearing when I select the “InstancedFoliageActor” in the editor. I also can only select it by clicking on the foliage in the scene. I don’t see the actor anywhere in the World Outliner. Is that odd?

Neandertha1, can you post a screenshot of the World Outliner list expanded to fit the editor window’s height? I’m thinking the InstancedFoliageActor is inside one of the listings in the World Outliner, but not in its dropdown there. The item may have to be selected in the World Outliner, and then in the top part of the details panel for it (above the Location, Rotation, etc), a dropdown expanded to see the foliage actor(s). This has to be done with the new SunSky actor to see the Directional light and Skylight it has for its components.