Raytracing on Only Select Computers with Source Control?

Hey folks,

My studio is working on an offline animation project; the final result will use raytraced lighting. Not every computer in our office has a graphics cards that can comfortably run RT so we’ve currently gone into DefaultEngine.ini and set raytracing to False on those machines. The problem is that, when using source control, that ini gets marked as a changed file and I can see how the whole process might create headaches down the line when there are other changes to DefaultEngine that we DO want propagated, but still not raytracing.

Not sure if this is exactly the right place to post this question, but I imagine there are other teams out there that haven’t uniformly made the rendering leap and how they might have solved it. Any input is valuable, thanks!

You can just turn off all the raytracing effects localy by executing this line r.raytracing.ForceAllRayTracingEffects = 0 (The value -1 returns the previous settings, and 1 turns on all the raytracing effects, which probably you wouldnt want to do) on the console/output window.

Good luck.