Raytracing on Older GTX Cards

Hi All, I hope you are all creating awesome work on this holiday season!

I have downloaded and opened the new Archviz interior sample and this how it looks like on my viewport, I know the main reason for this that I have 980 GTX Card which may not support raytracing and all the dynamic soft shadows showing up as crisp weird shadows. however I am just wondering, even if I upgraded my card to RTX, and it looks alright on my workstation, when I start publishing my work and sharing it with clients, if they have old GTX cards won’t it still show like this? especially how would it look on mobile devices?
any thoughts?

If you’re packaging the game and it’s running on a non-DXR compatible card, then it will get whatever your game falls back to. But in most cases the difference between raytraced and non-raytraced elements are minor(excluding fully dynamic GI but that’s barely doable with RTX cards unless you are grabbing still images), you just need to do a little more setup with the non-raytraced version.

Edit: To clarify, I mean you should be able to tackle both versions with similar, if not identical, lighting especially if you use static lighting

Thanks for your response RoseGoldslugs
I agree we should be able to create almost the same result without raytracing,
I am just wondering why did they leave the rectangular lights as movable in this example? does it have to do with more accurate dynamic soft shadows? I wonder when I get My RTX Card, if I switch those lights to static and bake the dynamic soft shadows onto the lightmaps, in that case would we be able to broadcast raytraced soft shadows on any device regardless if it has RTX or not? since its baked into the lightmaps and there is no more calculations.

If you’re wanting to share a project with other people then you shouldn’t use ray tracing and instead just bake your lights to lightmaps. If nothing is moving in your scene then set the lights to Static, you can then bake the lighting and use area lights to get softer more realistic shadows.

At some point in the future, the lightmap baking system will be updated so that GPUs that have ray tracing cores can accelerate the light building process, but currently the only way to use that feature is with real-time ray tracing and not lightmaps.

that’s some valuable information, thank you @darthviper107 for taking the time to reply to my post.