Raytracing NOT working with a GTX Titan X

Hey all,

I running UE 4.22 with a GTX Titan X. I’ve upgraded Windows to 1903, set raytracing on in project settings, enabled skin cache, set to DX12. (Also added -dx12 to target line on shortcut for good measure.)
On restart everything works fine, raytracing is saying enabled “=1” but its non functioning and when enabling lights and static meshes with raytracing its active but nothing is changing in editor.
There are also no Raytracing debug options.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I think the support for DXR was only added to Pascal cards, and GTX Titan X is Maxwell, no? The Titan XP and Titan Xp I think are part of the change.

At this page it says Titan X, but I think was a typo.…available-now/

Which is the driver version you are using?

Update: Looks like you may be right - I may have a maxwell architure Titan vs the Pascal Titan which may be the issue, somehow confusing unreal.
It’s this one which is maxwell:…/dp/B00UXTN5P0

Thanks for the information!

yeah there are two “titan x” cards, 9th series is maxwell and 10th is pascal, if you have a 9th series one,it is definitely the maxwell architecture stopping you as its just not supported

As to the OP this is typical rendering behaviour where the result depends on the total scene set up and not a function of throwing a switch. Raytrace is not a “make it look better button” :wink:

Anyways here is a very good and basic primer

Would be nice to have the sample scene. :wink:

To underline the most typical problem though is caused by poor quality and the lack of true PBR materials.

Think of materials as making a cake where if you omit an ingredient then what you land up with won’t be a cake.

Yep that was the issue:

While I agree with you, that sounds like you’re on the wrong thread. The issue was not quality, rather getting raytracing functional in the first place.