Raytracing Issues - Bugs, as of 4.24.3

I found a few issues dealing with raytracing, figured I’d mention them here:

  • Reflections on translucency are always screenspace: impossible to use raster translucency and raytraced reflections
  • Raytraced translucency doesn’t handle depth fade material node properly
  • Shadowed objects cut off at around 10,000 units. No option to combine shadow techniques (i.e. distance fields) to support longer distances, only contact shadows continue to work.
  • Heavy artifacts on RTGI final gather method.
  • Skylight Raytraced shadows are much stronger than distance field shadows: looks erroneous

Is Epic still working on getting Raytracing production-ready?

@mariomguy Take a look at this post for the Shadowed Object Culling:

You can play with settings in the console like r.RayTracing.InstancedStaticMeshes.LowScaleRadiusThreshold and other (r.RayTracing.InstancedStaticMeshes) to fix the culling distance and the amount of shadows that get culled.