RayTracing comparison v4.22 vs v4.23 and some broken things

Since using 4.23 RT, I have seen some strange behaviours and I found it a little more difficult to use than on v4.22, beucase of things that previously gave me good results following the same workflows.

Some times even some effects stop working and if you create a new scene you can compare both and notice the difference. I didn’t made that comparison, but I have made another one. However, have been made good improvements to sky light denoiser and GI performance.

Left v4.23. Right, v4.22:

*Well, I’m trying to upload the images but as usually, the forum is a nightmare, so I paste the links:*

On first image I’m using only sky and sun, always same parameters.

On second, Global Illumination and AO (which now it must be enabled in a little strange way) through a PostProcess Volume.

On 4th and 5th, reflections with 3 max bounces. It’s like you can’t totally disable the Raster reflections after the second bounce. Additionally, reflections are a little blurry in v4.23.

On 6th using the SM_SkySphere to cover the world and with an unlit material applied, as it could be used to show a HDRi background. v4.23 is “partially” casting shadows…

On 7th using the same SM, but being invisible, to notice the difference (but the difference is noticeable setting it hidden in game! But in that screenshot, while RT was being executed, it wasn’t “in-game”, so it would be only noticeable if I would set it to Visible -> unchecked)

Oh, if interested, I can share both projects with you.

Hope it helps and/or it’s useful for someone in any sense.

Best regards!

Noticed new things, differences and evidences about something being wrong (or worse) from v4.23:

Image in v4.22. Only skylight. 5 Rays per pixel. Automotive material.

Same scene opened in v4.23. Only skylight. 5 Rays per pixel. Same automotive material. (Look at the quality of shadows and AO!)

Same scene, created on 4.22 and opened with 4.23. Same problems, obviosly, but please, compare with the next screenshot:

As you can see Sky light is now… gray. But, what’s changed? I simply duplicated the map and opened the duplicated one!

So here you are the evidences. What’s happening? Will it be fixed, or kept in this “new way”?


Refresh sky?

Hi @Bits360 ,

Nope, finally I noticed that it’s due to the number of samples per pixel. When it’s only 1, both images are similar, but when it’s 5, the difference is noticeable. (Remember that both version have 5 spp for the sky).

Thanks for participating!