Raytracing causes Editors 4.24 and 4.25 to crash

It does not matter which sequence I choose, open editor then open project, or open project in either 4.24 and 4.25, from the Launcher, the Editor opens for a few seconds, then crashes. The project is then inaccessible, until I open the editor config file and set Raytracing from True to False.
The same is true when I start a new blank project, with Raytracing enabled, I can only see the opening scene for a few seconds, after the compilers have completed. I have uninstalled, cleaned and reinstalled the Launcher and each Editor several times.

It isn’t my systems, both are powerful enough for the job, I have several versions on VB installed on both systems, drivers all up to date. Stress tests reveal no weaknesses. Latest Windows OS.
System One: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X CPU, Asrock X570x MB, XT5700 8G GDDR GPU, M2 500gb Drive, 16GB Crucial 3600 Ram.
System Two: AND Ryzen 7 1800X CPU, Asus X370 MB, XT570 4gb GDDR GPU, 500GB Sata III Drive, 16GB Crucial 2400 Ram.
Both systems liquid cooled. Total storage using SATA III = 3TB + 2TB Cloud Storage.

Anyone else experiencing this? I have sent in many crash reports without any contact from support, or resolution.

Neither of your systems have a graphics card that supports ray tracing. Both of them have AMD cards which don’t support ray tracing. Right now only Nvidia RTX cards and a few GTX cards support it.

Thanks for the information. It is a big shame Unreal should exclude a very large portion of the users the ability to Ray Trace. Moreso as I use a Raytracing application to produce my screenshots of products I have on the market place, simply because I have been unable to do so in the editor. It is not that my CPU cannot produce Raytracing, it is just Unreal supports only one manufacturer.

If like me you turned on Raytracing and now cannot access your project, outside the editor (make sure its not running) search for Config (there is more than one), set the Raytracing from True to False, save then run the launcher and open your project.

No, it’s not a problem with Unreal, it’s that AMD hasn’t made any cards that support it yet, the ray tracing feature is a part of DX12 so as soon as AMD has a card that supports it it can use it.

Are you saying the XT5700 8G GDDR GPU I have installed doesn’t support DX12? I checked DiDiag and that reports DirectX 12 version in use! Wow that would be hard to swallow after spending all that money.

No, I’m saying it doesn’t support the ray tracing features that are a part of DirectX 12