Raytracing and Opacity : Why it's not working?

Hi guys,

Can someone explain me why Opacity mask in within Material isn’t working with Ray Tracing ? I am talking about any kind of Sheets/Cards and also Particles made with Sheets which have material with Opacity mask (example Fog,Smoke,etc.) ? Other software’s dont have any issue with picturing the alpha/opacity while ray-tracing is on… is there maybe a work around I am not aware of ?

Thank you !

RT translucency is a mess right now, and likely will be forever.

Well that is not a positive information :smiley:

I wish i could give you an answer, but i have tried and failed to used rt translucency in all scenarios except unlit materials. In all other scenarios it failed in a variety of ways, water going black in places due to meshes not being able to reflect on themselves, and for some reason going opaque, basic translucent spheres flickering in all directions horribly, even with refraction off, Etc.