Raytraced Directional Light Hard Shadows on Car Paint problem

Hey, i have a Raytraced Car Scene in UE 4.26 and im experiencing some problems with my directional light. The Problem only appears with “Cast Ray Tracing Shadows” turned on in my directional light. otherwise the gradient from “sun light” to “sky light” looks nice on my car paint. But i want to use raytraced Shadows. I can solve the problem, when i turn up the “Shadow source angle factor” but then all shadows on the floor and so on are blurry as well.

Why does this happen? i want a nice gradient from my directional light to the sky light.
You can only see this issue if your looking against the directional light. if you look on the car paint from the direction of the sun everything looks fine.

thank you for every help!

a pic would help

oh sorry, forgot to upload it