Raytraced Caustics - possible?

Have any RayTracing experts tried to create caustics effects from reflected or refracted water or glass materials?

Is this even possible? Or do you still have to ‘fake’ any caustic effects?
This GDC video seems to indicate it is.

Nvidia has a UE4 fork with raytraced caustics:

I’ve also see it done with the native branch but very little info on how it was accomplished other than light functions were used.

Interesting. I didn’t think it was possible with the main branch.
The Nvidia one has samples and work nicely, though.

I don’t think it is gone, there is even seems to be a new branch updated for 4.26:

The fork is gone unfortunately. Any tips where to find it or how to do caustics?

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Both 4.27 and 5.1 version is still accesable:
You can find relevant docs and corresponding demo projects from git readme, please register Nvidia developer account first and then link to your git repro.