Raytrace Shadows : Halo artifacts when increasing light radius

Hi .

When increasing light radius , it starts to create these strange outline artifacts around objects , I understand that its still an experimental feature but wanted to know what might be causing this . The light type I tried was area , directional and spot .

This is mostly noticable in front lit objects .

still no luck .

artifact is more clear on simpler objects ,

Has anybody faced such issue yet ?

I just tested a simple scene in a new project with a character and a point lite in UE4 4.24 p3 and I’m not seeing these halos. Could it be related to denoising or a post process? I’m using the default ray trace settings .

Thanks for looking into it . I went back through the settings and found out that increasing rayrace samples for the light is causing that . Setting it back to 1 resolved the issue ( though not 100% if one is pexel peeping ) . I read that the denoiser gets disabled when setting the samples to a value greater than 1 . Still a very strange effect

Could be a realistic effect, or at least light wrapping around / getting curved around the object surface effect. Looks similar to emissive.