Raytrace Double Tree Issue

Hello, I am having some issues with some trees that I placed into my scene. In Raytrace mode, a single tree appears doubled and placed on top of each other for each tree, with one of them static whilst the other is animated. When the scene is accessed in normal mode, the issue isn’t there. I’m reasonably new to ue4 so forgive me if it’s something straight forward to fix, but I’m pretty stuck with it. Here’s a link to a gif of the issue:


My guess is that it doesn’t support the wind feature, notice the reflections aren’t changing either.

Kind of odd. WPO is listed as supported by RT at current (4.24).

I guess it’s like the trees exist in both versions simultaneously. The trees that are still are RT. I hope to find a way around it, but even with the wind disabled the trees seem to double anyway. Is this happening for everyone else?

Turning on “Evaluated World Position Offset” in the RayTracing settings of the selected object helped me

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