Rayswitch Node (?)


Any ArchViz guys here feeling the problem of too dark interiors?

In C4D and Corona I’m using a Rayswitch-Node to switch the texture that is used for GI to white while rendering.
Is there any possibility to do something similar in UE? Is that functionality missing, simply not possible or am I looking for the wrong things inside the engine?

Best wishes!

Basic solution for dark interiors is increase the skylight intensity.

The most common way is to do what ClockWorkOcean said, but you could develop a blueprint to torn all materials into white, and turn them again inte their original material, so lighting would “bounce” more, but if you have a black floor and lighting is bouncing on a white floor… tht wouldn’t be realistic.

Thanks for your reply guys! I think I’ll stick with tweaking the skylight intensity. It’s a more global solution, but for now it works quite good.

That is horrifying! Stop doing that :smiley:

:rolleyes: Not today!

Edit: No, what i forgot to mention is, that I’m only changing the texture for the floor during interior renderings. I hope that will ease the horrifying situation here.

A few days have past, but:

There is a node that switches the base color during light baking.
(works well with CPU LightMass + Luoshuang’s GPU LightMass; not so well with default GPU LightMass)