Raycast/force based suspension won't stop bouncing?

So the way i have it set up is technically by trying to replicate the system used in the Space Dust physics tutorial. I fire a ray trace from each corner of a rectangular box downward locally to the box, and i apply an upward force based on the compression ratio made from the overall trace length at each corner. and it all works fine and good. EXCEPT that i cannot get the box to stop bouncing up and down on the traces, no matter the force values, and i don’t want to just add linear and angular damping to the box itself to solve it as its going to mess up a bunch of other game elements down the road that interact with those properties?

Any ideas anyone? And if anyone needs any more info i’m glad to share it, just let me know.

I’m really just looking for a good, easier way to create my own modular vehicle based arcade game and this seemed very flexible in the end.

Thanks in advance

Bump, :confused: !!

still not resolved.

At the suspension force lets say you do it like this

deltaPositionZ * -suspensionForce

Tha’s okey for a spring only suspension, but real cars damper the spring with a dumper haha so the actual formula is

deltaPosZ * -suspensionForce - velocityZ * dampeningValue

where velocityZ is the wheel velocity going upwards