Ray Tracing w/ Parallax Occlusion and Pixel Depth Offset

I’ve discovered an issue when trying to use Pixel Offset Depth on a parallax occlusion material when using ray-traced lights. The light casts shadowing on the default object (in this case a flat plane) and doesn’t take into account the occlusion/pixel offset depth. UNLESS however I intersect the light inside of the plane, in which case it casts shadowing ‘inside of’ the plane but then becomes blocked where the original plane is.

Has anyone figured out a solution for this?

After going through nearly all of the ray tracing console commands I finally figured out its the normal bias that is influencing the shadows. I changed this to r.RayTracing.NormalBias 32 and the shadowing was more accurate (not perfect but much better).

Once I knew what setting it was I managed to find this article that gives a brief reference to Normal Bias with ray tracing:…al-engine-422/

I’m not sure how much of an impact changed the default value of .1 to something like 32 has.

Edit: This is not a solution. While it may render the shadows/lighting correctly on this texture, its a global setting, so it ruined the shadows in most other areas.


Not a solution either, just a comment. We should have a checkbox “evaluate pixel depth” on the mesh to fix this issue (like we currently have evaluate WPO).