Ray Tracing Shadows don't account for tessellation World Displacement of mesh

When I try to use ray-traced shadows from my meshes that have displacement the resulting shadow is from the un-displaced mesh:

… if I disable ‘Cast Ray Tracing Shadows’ from my directional light I get the shadow I was expecting:

Is this a bug … or a limitation with ray tracing at this time? I found the option for “Evaluate World Position Offset” on the mesh under the Ray Tracing section… but that didn’t seem to help in this case.

Hi ! I am currently running through a very similar problem with the Ray Traced Shadows and displacement. I even created a post about it here yesterday (I didn’t notice your post till now).

Did you ever find what the problem is ? Thanks in advance.

@noillimryM - I never found a solution. I suspect it’s an RT optimization where they’re tracing against the original mesh as it’s cheaper.

Too bad, not the answer I wished for but it makes sense. Thanks for the information !