Ray Tracing render vs. no Ray Tracing : no difference at all

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to do photorealistic renders on a small scene (with megascans), so I wanted to try to render through Sequencer with some Ray tracing. My project is set to DX12 with RT enabled, on UE4.24.3.

In the Post Process, I activated RT global illumination, in Brute force mode with 4 bounces and 4 samples per pixels (yes, I have an GTX 1070 so nothing too high here). By the way, I am not using a directional light nor the built in BP Skysphere but a Skydome from burshify and a skylight (for some reason the directional light is obstructed by the skydome mesh so…yeah maybe it is related ?)

My output settings are pictures in jpg at 1440p.

After this render, I did another one without RT enabled (so I unchecked Brute Force in Post Process settings) and this render was clearly faster (which make sense).

I compared the result: they are exactly the same pictures for the 2 renders…

What did I miss ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Does a 1070 support ray-tracing yet?
I’m not positive they ever released the drivers to atually do so. Probably check on that.

Yes, UE doc says GPU from GTX 1060 6GB to 2080Ti supports Ray tracing :frowning: