Ray-tracing on AMD Directx 12 cards?

Does Unreal Engine 4.22 render ray tracing on AMD Directx 12 cards 1809+ windows? Microsofts fall back layer?

Currently it doesn’t, right now it supports Nvidia RTX cards and eventually it will support Nvidia GTX 1000 cards once they update the drivers.

AMD has said they wont support DXR until their entire lineup can support a good ray tracing experience (from their low end to their high end GPUs). To me that sounds like it wont be for another 2 generations.…-me-otherwise/ AMD Ray-tracing tech demo on “Engine”.

UE4 uses DXR and is likely sticking with it for the immediate future. I wouldn’t be expecting AMD support in UE4 ray tracing until AMD adds DXR support.

Is there any type of emulation driver available yet that can work with Vega 64 and other GPU-s? DirectX fallback layer is abandoned sadly :frowning:

It needs actual driver support from AMD

How is this looking?

The newest AMD cards do support DXR so it should work guess somebody just needs to test it out. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work though if epic is just targeting the API and not doing anything weird.

As far as I know, UE doesn’t use any kind of “propietary” ray tracing, but the “generic” one. So if AMD new cards support the genric ray tracing API (and they are supossed to do), it should be automatically compatible with UE. Any expert agree to confirm it?

It should just work. From reviews though it looks like the new AMD cards aren’t particularly good at ray tracing though

There will be raytracing on all DX12 ultimate cards on UE5 comes out.