Ray Tracing grainy and noisy reflections

Ladies and Gentleman.

I proudly present a noob question after 2 weeks of searching and watching YouTube.

I can’t figure out the problem…

I made it simple and just loaded the default Project with starter content a. The “Default” Light Source. SkyLight , Sky Sphere and Atmospheric Fog was added.

Project Settings

Default RHI → Dx12
RayTracing → On

I added a PostProcessVolume and searched for Raytracing and made the following changes.


:heavy_check_mark: Type Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing Reflections

:heavy_check_mark: Max Roughness 0,6
:heavy_check_mark: Max. Bounces 1 or 2 or 3
:heavy_check_mark: Samples per pixel 4 or 8 or 16 or 20

After that, the Magic begins and I get noise on the Reflections and Shadows.

I tried everything I found until yet but nothing works for me.

  • Change the Reflection Capture Resolution to 1024 with no effect.

  • Change the Samples from the Light to something high.

  • Change the Samples from Ray Tracing Reflections to very high. (helped a little but the noise is still heavy enough there)

  • I played with the most of the settings from the PostProcessVolume but no…

I saw a lot of High Quality Renders and I’m miles over miles over miles over… Okay I think everybody got it.

Maybe anyone have an advise for me and can help me out of the tale of darkness? :joy:


What GPU are you using?
I had such problems when I was using a 2060. Recently I got a 3070Ti and those problems are gone

Also is it possible to upload the scene here? I could open and see if I have it noisy here

Did you increase the samples with your new 3070? :slight_smile: Because usually, those older cards like 2060 cannot handle many samples that well, resulting in noisy reflections.
But more samples is usually the way to go to reduce noise (and praying, that the denoiser actually works ^.^).

Hey guys,

thanks a lot for answering my question!

I played a lot with the Project Settings and my Volumes and it was possible to reduce the noise to a minimum.

And yes, I have a RTX 3060 and it’s not enough for maybe 20 or 30 samples :sweat_smile:

But overall it was a good render! :heart_eyes:

Thread can be closed.

Thanks again!