Ray Tracing Glass Translucency and Reflections v.4.24

Hello everyone

Something mystic with Ray Traced Translucency and Reflections glass material. At my case its big glass walls for Archviz

I need get both Translucency and Reflections at it best way, for glass material

I have 2 mesh variations: box (mesh with thickness) and plane (no thickness)
for bot type of mesh two rendering modes: Ray Tracing and Raster

Below i will attach all** screenshots at imgur with comments on them. Please have a look**

How can i get Translucency and Reflections like at Plane + RayTracing but for all sides? (Two sided material setting doesn’t helps, you can see it at screenshots)
Why box + Ray Tracing doesn’t have any Translucence?

Raytracing translucency is horribly broken beyond useability currently, and likely will not be fixed soon
here’s a bandage patch to help reduce the effects of its bad implementation: Turn off refraction, set max refraction rays to 1