Ray Tracing Foliage instance disappear

Just noticed that sometimes when working with foliage tool, crossing a certain amount of instances (lets say 12K as an example) causes meshes to just disappear except for their shadowing.
What makes it even weirder is that it seems to be camera-angle dependent.

Is this a bug introduced in 4.23? Never had this before…

Very weird indeed, have you tried increasing the ScreenPercentage? Do you think it could be hardware?

Tried pretty much anything I could think of. It’s not mips, lods, alpha clip, gpu mem or screen percentage. As far as I can tell it happens with a certain threshold of instances being crossed but that’s dependent on camera distance and also seems related to size (and possible clustersize?) of said instance. Overdraw bug out of parts of the rendering pipeline?
First time I encountered it was with tons of grass on screen so naturally figured ‘Ah right, too dense, lets put a bit of effort into fixing that’ but second time it happened with trees just losing their foliage whilst trunks/barks/branches and foliage shadows still being rendered and it wasn’t like there were thousands on screen. In fact maybe just 200, all properly optimized for real-time.

That`s sad man! Wish you can find out what it is! I think this goes WAY beyond my UE4 knowledge!