Ray traced Windows and Volumetric clouds

Hi everyone,

So here’s the issue I have.

First I’m using ray tracing. Version is 4.26
I have a glass ceiling and volumetric clouds.
2 mesh layers on the ceiling, one to deal with roughness and refraction, and the other one to deal with accumulated sand from the outside.

The issue is this one: when I use Ray Traced refraction, the volumetric clouds can’t be seen through the windows. I can see my skylight cubemap. When RTX refraction is off, I can see the clouds perfectly.
I tested my glass material everywhere else in the scene and it works perfectly, nice see-through, nice refraction, everything.

So I guess my questions are:

  • Has anyone ever had that issue?
  • Is there an explanation as to why the volumetric clouds can’t be seen trough refraction (RTX based)?
  • Is there a way to fix it?

Thanks a lot everyone for the help.

I’m having an issue too with the volumetric clouds and ray traced refraction through a glass material. In my case, I can see the clouds through a single plane window with a glass material, but turning on refraction makes the clouds appear low resolution and blocky.

With refraction: