Ray traced vs precomputed GI for cinematic quality

The consensus seems to be with real time playback that baked GI will always give better quality than ray tracing because of things like noise inherent in ray traced GI, etc.

But what if the goal isn’t real time but rather absolute best quality?
Won’t brute force ray traced global illumination with enough samples and bounces always give a better result?
I’m looking for a good online comparison but haven’t found any.

you can open the realistic rendering achviz demo and see how much of a performace hit you get with real time raytraced gi. if that is ok for you then go for it.
imo performance is the #1 difference between static and dynamic gi

Thanks familiar with that. I assume I will need to do my own tests. My focus is only on the quality of Global Illumination.

Static. RT to even get acceptable quality, without loads of grain and flickering will easily reduce your framerate to a tenth. Trying to get multiple bounces without flickering will crash your engine.

Thanks again I am not concerned about framerate. Only quality of final rendered image(using MovieRenderQueue)

Im saying im not entirely sure if your ABLE to use rtgi. Theoretically it would be better, if your able to run it without the engine crashing.