Ray Traced Volumetric Shadows?

Im working on a scene I was wondering if Ray Traced Volumetric Shadows is a thing. So far when I turn on Volumetric Shadows nothing changes but if I do it with ray tracing shadows disabled it works. Am I missing something or is this just unsupported right now? It would be really nice if anyone could help me get this working because I highly dislike unraytraced shadows and having to use contact shadows. And if its unsupported would someone know when it will become supported?

Had trouble with this topic myself today, and they seem to be still unsupported. What i used in my case, was to dublicate the light, that should cast volumetric shadows (in my case, it was the directional light vor the sun), and turned off the raytraced shadows in the double. Then i had to finetune them, that they do not brighten up the scene to much.
So in the end, i had one light, that cast raytraced shadows, but no volumetric shadows (cuz unsupported), and another one, that was responsible for creating the volumetric shadows.

Thank you for responding! That sucks hopefully they implement it soon. Maybe 2.46 lets hope. In that case I will do what you did its super hard getting used to non ray tracing lights again so I will have to get used to it. :slight_smile:

And just as a hint in advance, to save you another source of trouble: Subsurface Scattering (and two sided foliages) is also broken with raytracing, but using a dublicated light with it´s raytraced shadows turned off, helps there too :slight_smile:

Of course, some shadows might look weird, but maybe with some good tuning you can get it working. Not sure, if you can limit the non-rtx shadows to foggy objects or subsurface scattering surfaces only, and let them ignore other objects.

That explains a ton lol. I just thought I was doing it wrong ty!