Ray traced rounded corners

I don’t know if something similar could be achieved as easily but it would be such an awesome feature.

It’s a new feature in vray 3.3 but it’s available in other render engine too, like Corona. I’m talking about ray traced rounded corners.

Look at 2 mins 45 secs.

Removes the need to add extra geometry. Now, I know Lightmass isn’t a ray tracer but could something similar be achievable?

With the proper technique I’m sure this is possible, In UE4? I’m not sure, but it was certainly possible in Sunset Overdrive. As these slides from this Year’s GDC presentation explain. (PDF)

Some artists do use a rounded edge feature when baking normal maps. Here’s a thread about it on Polycount

But I have no idea if there’s a way to do it realtime in engine.

There’s no special tech in the Insomniac presentation, it’s just a modeling/UV workflow.

I’ve done something similar–it’s pretty easy, but slower-than-automatic and can introduce situations where you have to choose between good shading and texture coherency on curved edges.

An automatic, shader based solution would be a cool project for a tech artist. I’d bet Ryan Brucks could probably figure something out, since he’s basically a super-hero.