Ray Traced (Rect) Light GI Flickering?

I’ve been working with Ray Tracing a bit, and in a new project, I’m noticing my rect lights are causing a flickering - seems to be rooted in Ray Traced GI. When I turn it off and on (both in Post and on the light) the flickering stops.

Does anyone know what could be behind it?

I’ve worked on larger and more complex scenes with ray tracing and rect lighting and ray traced GI so I have no idea what would be causing it.

It’s hard to tell what it could be without video, I would normally think that might just be noise

It’s hardcore flickering, like it’s constantly turning GI off and on for the light.

Here’s what’s even weirder - the proportions of the viewport seem to impact it. Closer to 4:3 - totally fine, but going wide, starts the flickering with the light’s GI (Overall screen resolution seems to not matter).

I’m wondering if Nvidia’s drivers screwed something up in their recent update.