Ray Traced AO RTX AO Ambient Occlusions UE5

Could someone help me with Ray Traced AO in UE5

Looking at the AO visualization (Lit -->Buffer Visualization —>Ambient Occlusion) I have been blown away by how good raytraced AO looks. By altering the values in the raytraced AO setings in the Post Process I can control the look of the AO.

However when I switch back to lit mode I am not seeing any AO contribution in the scene. Toggling the AO on/off and changing the settings while viewing in lit makes makes no difference at all to the scene.

The images below show the final image with different AO settings. The Post Process are also shown.

Yes i found this Problem too
but i found a way to hack it
1 _ but in PPV in AOCubemap texture and choose any texture you like i found the gray texture is good for this Example and make the int is very low or adjust is as you Like

this is will work For You and i hop they Find Fix For This Problem

I Forget To Say That Its Work With Illumenation Material by Example
If you Make Curtain and Give it Material And Emmisive
This Wil Work And See The Result Of AO In Viewport