Ray trace denoiser problems with Automotive material pack

I have a raytraced car scene and have turned reflections denoiser to 0 to get decent paint reflections. This works great but I now have a problem as loads of other materials in my scene now have a lot of moving noise … especially the rubber materials!?

Upping the samples in the raytrace reflections settings (Post Process Volume) works but as a realtime assets slows it done quite a bit…

I found this image from another post which exactly replicates the problem I have…Is there anything I can do to fix this for realtime but maintain high quality reflection? Thanks

Check this article for tips on how to get rid of noise and get better quality reflections.

That is usually a sign for to few samples for reflections on rough/diffuse surfaces, so the first step would be to increase the samples for raytraced reflections.

Reflection noise.

Not sure, if there are many ways of optimising reflections, other than balancing the samples, the roughness (there is a max roughness setting in the Post process, which makes it blend or slowly switch to skylight i guess), and that raytracing quality node in materials.
Maybe this here helps, the reflection optimisation starts at 32:48