Ratchet and Clank Guns, Mechanics and Gadgets

This is the playlist on youtube.

Free assets that I use on the videos

Course lesson-like organization (Thanks Kitatus!)

Source code is available at: Mediafire. When you download be sure to rebuild the editor and fix externals before you procceed :). Engine version that I used is 4.11.2-release branch on github.

This is more of a tutorial series, it is also a way to present to you guys what I have accomplished and how I have made it. Any feedback is appreciated :).

I am going to use a function library that I have made myself in C++ for sorting.

The function library source code is located here : UnrealStuff/BluHat at master · ntakouris/UnrealStuff · GitHub

The function library video is located here:

Trello to-do and idea list:

(This is kindof unorganized and raw but :confused: )

Please note that I am a programmer. Not an artist,neither a UI designer. Nevertheless, I am going to try to make some custom animations , a custom character etc, in order to expand my knowledge and make the project more realistic.

Series Difficulty
Intermediate. There is some complexion and polishing involved along the series. Though, stuff like the sorting function library is handed over to you without explaining, you just use it, no insight or explaining how these algorithms work. Also, this just logic stacked up onto eachother, using blueprints. I could make the series to use some hardcore C++ tricks going around but this is more aimed to give you a perspective on how a game is supposed to be built.

Special Thanks

  • Kitatus : Insight in animation and the awesome promotion with his new Website ← HOT
  • Owl : Helping me improve my thumbnails
  • Cedric : Made me use “IsValid” nodes more
  • zeOrb : Jumpstarted me into animation by giving me some valid -previously invalid- links
  • All the other slack people that were willing to chat with me and propose better best practises! Join us here: HERE

Don’t call this impossible, Insomniac games had only 2 programmers an 1 designer for about 4 months while the game was under production :).

New video: Weapon System - Part 1

Cool will follow this topic and your tuts for sure :smiley:

Hey there,

just a small tip for the on-going coding stuff of your Tutorial.

Make more use of the “IsValid” node!

It can always happen, that a Reference Variable is Empty.

2 Examples, where you should use the “IsValid” node:

  1. When pressing “Fire” or “AltFire”. If by any chance, the Weapon is not Valid at the point the Player pressed the MouseButtons,
    the Game will crash with an “AccessViolation”.

  2. When spawning the Weapons at the BeginPlay, you spawn 8 of them with the For Loop and then Call the Equip function.
    Instead of needing to set the “CurrentWeapon” BEFORE calling the “GunEquip” Event, you just add an “IsValid” Node to the “CurrentWeapon”
    INSIDE of your “GunEquip” Event. And only if that’s valid, you do the “Detach” and “Visibility” Stuff.

That’s way better than assuming that the “CurrentWeapon” is set.

Otherwise, good video so far. Might wanna take some speed out of it and explain a bit more if needed. (:

Thanks for the tip :). I will make the correct changes into the project.
I am definately replying to comments, questions or even make seperate extra videos to explain stuff if needed! In general, I want my videos to procceed fast and not to be boring :slight_smile: .

New video: Weapon System - Part 2
Weapon system is complete.

New Video: Let’s add a gun!? feat.BombGlove

New Video: Scorcher, Seeker, Main Gampley UI widget setup and some improvements

New Video: Our save system is halfway there.

New Video: The save file is complete. Next up : An actual level with progression…

New Video: The first level!?

New Video: Bolts, Health , Bomb and Ammo crates - Part 1

This series is awesome! I’ve been trying to work out a grapple/swing mechanic for a while now and kept resulting in slinging my character through the floor. This will help me over that little speedbump.

Thanks! The yellow grapple point could be improved a little bit more, but this is going to be done in the polishing pass of the game :).

P.S. First post updated with downloadable assets link!

It’s time for some cool mechanics again! :slight_smile:

Something small I forgot to mention :slight_smile:

Progression Progression Progression! Actual meshes/art Breathing intensifies

Gadgetron: The UI is ugly as fudge but who cares, it works!

Functional Planet/Level Picker.

How to actually use the picker.