Randomized tiles per mesh instance with "static" material?

Hello there.
There is something i noticed when reverse engineering MatineeFightingScene example: tiles on walls/pillars are all use the same material but look completely different!
If you open mesh or material in editor you will see that after Vertex color blend magic some tiles are broken. The exact same picture you see when putting new “Hallway” meshes in the level.

That is how SM_Hallway_Wall134 looks like… almost. And it is nothing like, for instance, SM_Hallway_Wall21! The same is for pillars and curved walls.
I didn’t find anything in construction or matinee scripts that affects M_Tiles_Wall_Mesh_Paint material for any of wall meshes. Light does not affect material, I checked.

So the same mesh with the same material without any visible inputs looks the same if newly created, but existing instances in MatineeFightingScene look different. Question: HOW?

I would really want to see an answer to this one.

I know this is a super old thread, but I was researching how to do this and came across it.

I opened up the scene, and this is done by vertex painting the mesh, and blending between two materials (broken and non-broken tiles). It’s worth noting the mesh needs to be quite dense to support this well. (In this case the number of vertical/horizontal loops match the small white tiles exactly.

If you want to see exactly how they executed this, open up the material!