Randomize Texture Lerping based on Distance

Hello everyone, so I know that this same question has been resolved but I have no idea how to get the relative Texture Blend Distance, Texture Size, and Distance Blend Size. I am working with a landscape and want to make it so the farther away a texture is, the more blended it gets. Another thing I hope to succeed in this is to make the texture less tiled, which is what I originally wanted but lerping would get better results. have almost never done anything before in a material and I am also just a beginner at UE4 itself, so please explain everything as clearly as you can so I might be able to understand.

This is the question + answer I am trying to do:

This is part of my landscape so far -

If there is an easier way than lerping the textures based on distance, then please tell me, I’m a complete noob at this kind of stuff.

This is what I have so far and I’m pretty sure I followed what he did, the only problem is I don’t know how to get all the blueprints to make this happen.

Thanks in advance!

Forget about this question, I figured it out, sorry for the problems! You can still answer it if you want but I’ll post a picture of what I have and how I figured it out.

The link to solve this problem is:

Just read through it or find the picture of what you need to do and you should be able fix the problem.