Random reversing in editor


when i build a game in the level editor, i randomly get pushed backwards and it gives the error (!error) and after some time i can move again but it is really annoying and i also have this on previous versions of the engine. anyone knows a fix or is it really a bug

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Could you explain in a bit more detail exactly what you are seeing? What do you mean when you say you get pushed backwards?

Also, could you please provide your dxdiag?

Well my camera get pushed backwards when i press right mouse button, it basically keeps zooming out until it stops or i spam “F” to zoom in on a object.
The dxdiag.txt i made is quite big, how can i post it?

Could you provide a video of the behavior that you are seeing?

If the file is too large to attach to a comment, you can upload it to dropbox and provide a link.

This is my DxDiag: Dropbox - DxDiag.txt - Simplify your life

This is the video: - YouTube

Note that i only press the right mouse button and press F to return to the box

i do not have any controllers connected, i did not have the bug for a few minutes now so i think this works. I will come back when it happens again

It did not fix the issue, thanks for the help anyway

I tried it but it did not fix the problem

I have my mouse, a standard packard bell mouse and a Cm storm devastator keyboard plugged in. and i have my headset a creative tactic 3d plugged in.

The video is unfortunately private, which means I cannot view it. Could you please change the settings so that I can take a look? Thank you.

I had that issue too a few times. Try pressing Control, Shift, Alt and WASD one at a time. In my case the editor seemed to get stuck with the idea some of them were pressed

I made it viewable

Thank you. Give the solution phoboz posted below a shot and let us know if it works for you.

I will give this a try, i pressed the buttons you said. hope it works

Also, if you have a controller connected make sure the sticks are in neutral position :wink:

Do you have any other input devices plugged in at all?

It mostly happens when i select multiple brushes at the same time. (i am still using the engine in the mean time)

I will try

It keeps going backwards until i unplug my mouse (then i can’t hold my right mouse button of course)