Random reversing in editor

it is a old mouse, let me look for another one and try it i will message if it works or not

Have you tried unplugging the mouse/keyboard while the movement is happening to see if it causes it to stop? If not, could you give that a shot so we can determine if it could be a hardware issue?

I have opened the editor, selected multiple brushes, and then held down my right mouse button. After doing this, I did not notice the same behavior that you are seeing in your editor. Do you have another mouse that you could try it with to see if there could be some issue with the mouse?

Still the same issue with 2 different mouses

Does this issue occur in a new project, or only in your current project?

Yes it does. especially when i go to another window and go back it happens, but it also happens when i am just working in unreal engine. I run on Windows 10 btw

I’m going to run some tests, and I will report back as soon as I have new information.


It seems this issue could be related to using CTRL+S while you have the right mouse button pressed, and then the right mouse button continues to pan out the viewport. Does this sound like what you are experiencing? I found that selecting an object in the world outliner and pressing the F key to focus on it fixes this issue.

Thanks for the help, i hope this can be fixed if it can of course, thanks again for the support. Thumbs up