Random parts of my game disappear when i run on android

Hello, random parts of my game suddenly disappear whenever I run it on my android phone.

It always works perfectly when tested on my pc.

It used to work just fine and suddenly started acting up. Mostly, a random texture will not render (the texture that does not render changes every time), and sometimes the game just crashes or freezes.

I tried reverting any changes I made prior to the issue but still does not solve it.

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello again, I ran my game on a better phone and the problem seemed to stop. Ran it on another lower-end android phone and the problem was there. So I’m guessing there is something about my game that makes random components of the game crash on lower-end phones.

What could be causing this?

Ok I figured out the problem. My minimum sdk version settings were off, making my game buggy with all other android versions except 7.1.