Random Material rotation UDK 5-2014

Im using UDK 5 2014 still for school.

I am trying to create a material that will rotate randomly in one direction a random amount of degrees, then stop and rotate the opposite way a random amount of degrees, and continuously loop doing that.

The reason I am trying to do this is because i have created a “holograph” type material that projects a fake pressure gauge material onto a custom mesh computer screen. I used a rotate node to make it rotate, and a constant to control speed… but it looks to fake.

I also tried using a BIK movie. The BIK movie was from an Afer Effects animation i created. Using BIK movies are nice, but im thinking there has to be a better more “correct” way to do this.

thanks for any help

Could you probably post this into the UDK forum? :slight_smile: UDK - Epic Games Forums