Random map like aghanim's labyrinth DOTA2

​​hi everyone( i newbie on ue4) i want to ask about how to make a game level like aghanim’s labyrinth DOTA2 in term of random map so, when we finish level1 and level2 (that may have 5 different level that random select) will spawn next to it and player can move to new level without warp to level2 like this


i did some research about level streaming but i dont think this approach is suitable for this thing(or it could? i have no idea so hope you please explain how to do it). so anyone have any idea how to achieve this problem ?

thankyou everyone for your comment :):):):):):slight_smile:

It really depends how complex and large your rooms / levels are.

If each one is the size of the player example map, then you can make them blueprints that spawn and connect randomly.

If the levels are large, then you need level streaming.

I used the blueprint approach in my game. In the trailer here, at 1:00 onwards, both the maze and the level after that are randomly generated.

Tell which version you’re interested in, and I can give you a bit more info.

Adding my 2c.

All in all, all top down RGN systems work similarly if not exactly the same.

if you need it to spawn as you go, completely randomly. The blueprint example is ideal. Clockwork can expand on that, works great in his game.

If you need to pre-generate something then things are a little different.

First you make the levels. Then you make a persistent work, in which all the levels can be loaded.

at runtime, the persistent will take care of spawning the levels in a random position based on some algorithm or method you define.

In top down, you can imagine each sub level as a box.
Let’s say you have an area of 10x10, which gets filled in randomly by the levels you created.

Let’s say you always have an entry level, and an exit level (Diablo style ladder rooms? Something similar anyway).

In the 10x10 box system you run some algorithm that defines where the entry point and the exit point end up.
Keep it simple, but also make sure that there is some margin between the entry and exit points - say a distance of 3 boxes minimum. If the random points picked are within that distance you just pick a different point randomly again.
This creates a generally decent entry/exit point that forces the player to stroll the level a bit.

Now that you have the 2 spots defined you need to cut a way to it.
tons of ways this can happen.
it could be as simple as removing a box in one of the cardinal directions and replacing it with a level.
each level will likely be built with an entry and exit (or several exists). Depending on those, the automated system will test and remove the appropriate adjacent box /and or, choose another random level to test.
(Because if you are at 10x10 and you pick a level that would lead into 10x11 you just made something that’s not valid).

This is usually all built to happen by numbers or with a multidimensional array, so levels can always be memorized and reconstructed at all times by feeding in the correct sequence.
moreover, the calculations and determinations even when recursive are usually near instant - and the loading of the levels, when using the persistent, is usually done by distance but manually (since no levels are actually placed like you normally would for tiled landscapes).

As such, it doesn’t make much of a difference which method you use. Whether a “box” is a level you can stream in, or a blueprint you can load in.

I would use individual levels for ease of use. You can customize lights and all sorts of other things within them making each dungeon room truly unique looking. they can also all support their own level BP code, which although not necessary and usually not something you want since you should handle checks of things via proper OOP it can still be useful for things like enemy respawns, or running timers.

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thank you very much for your suggestion
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right now i use level streaming to make my map random as you suggest

sorry for the late reply I didn’t see a notification on unreal

thank you very much for your very detailed suggestion
what I need is not to be complicated. right now I use level streaming together with blueprint
however I will try this approach to challenge and make a game to be more interesting

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i dont know about “The blueprint example is ideal. Clockwork” may you explain it to me what it is ?

@MostHost_LA is referring to me :slight_smile: