Random game freeze

Hello everyone,

Since last sunday, we encounter a new bug on our project…
As always, we package our game and run some tests on it. But this week, on each test, a random freeze appear. The sounds continue to play but the game is freezing, the only way to quit the game is to quit him on the task manager.

On the task manager, everything seems to be good (GPU, CPU and ram % of use).
This is an online project with Steam subsystem, nativization is disabled and we have already test each functionnalities of our game but nothing is the cause, the game just freeze randomly.
The game run’s at 80fps+ before freeze appear.

We have tried to register our log file, but nothing appear on it… This is very frustrating.
How can i remove this freeze…? Nothing new on our game but the bug appear…

Any idea? The development of our game is paused, i wish i could have the answer here.
Thanks to the community


We’ve recently made a switch to a new bug reporting method using a more structured form. Please visit the link below for more details and report the issue using the new Bug Submission Form. Feel free to continue to use this thread for community discussion around the issue.



Hello SamWise,

Still stuck with this bug at the moment. We don’t know what is happening, maybe a gamethread problem as: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-52611) but we are on 4.20 and it seems to be fixed in 4.19…

Can anyone help us with that? This is very frustrating… We can’t release our Steam bêta with that freeze.
Nothing about a Fatal error or a crash is on the log.

Update: We updated the project on 4.21 and in solo, still experiencing this freeze. Nothing in the log. It is still random

Hi, if it freezes completly (not continue after some time) maybe you have an infinite loop somewhere (was the reason it froze for me once) you could check the CPU usage on your taskmanager, when one core is used completly that could be it. If it freezes only for some time and continues then you could use “stat unit” from the console to see where the time delay is coming from (-> then use stat game/stat gpu… to pin it down further). And the music gets streamed seperatly so even if your game freezes it will continue for some time but should stop after a couple of seconds (when it tries to load the next chunk).

I think the core usage could change, but what I meant is if you have for example 4 cores and the process of your game uses constantly 25 percent, I think that would mean the CPU got hung up somewhere and is executing an infinite loop.

Thanks for your answer Chrudimer,
The fact is that everything on our task manager seems normal, (CPU use is around 30%)! (But we will see the ‘core usage’) that’s a good information.
We have tried to show Stat Unit and Stat game during our game, but, when the freeze appear, everything is normal and we run the game at more than 80Fps :confused:

We will do some tests tomorrow to see if one core is 100%! Thanks