Random freezes in Vive Multiplayer Game

My multiplayer packaged game freezes randomly and quite often. The logs stop printing and all sorts of input is blocked. Everything works perfectly in the editor. Single player packaged game doesn’t freeze as often as multiplayer but it does happen in that mode as well. Any help would be much appreciated.

Its important to note that the game does not crash but rather freezes. The other player connected to the game however, can continue to operate. The game stops any input and the only option is close it via Task Manager. It happens randomly and we haven’t been able to identify any pattern. There is increased CPU usage, rising from 10% to 16-17%.

We are developing a VR application for the Vive using SteamVR. Sometimes, the freeze occurs as soon as the second player joins, and at other times after a period of around 10-20 minutes.

Could very large textures cause this? Any other possible reason why this could happen? Are we blocking the rendering thread?